Site Plan

The Site Plan is attached below:
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2012-2013 SITE PLAN***
Site Plan Approved, December, 2012

2008-2009 SITE PLAN
Site Plan Approved March 2009

2009-2010 SITE PLAN
Draft as of 11-02-09 (To be sent to board in Dec 09)
Site Plan Final p1-11 (Dec 10)
Site Plan Final p12-16 (Dec 10)
Site Plan Final p17-23 (Dec 1)

2015-2106 SITE PLAN

Approved Final Plan November, 2015
2016-2017 SITE PLAN

Approved by Board

Student Survey Final as of 04-21-10
Teacher Technology Survey Final as of 04-21-10

Charts and Attachments
2009-2010 CST-Percent-Proficient-Reports
2009-2010 Multi-Year-Comparison-Reports
Fail-Pass Semester/BHS 07/08-08/09
Fail-Pass Quarters/BHS 07/08-08/09

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